ZingDo Korean Restaurant

I have finally revived my seemingly lost food obsessions and will now wax lyrical of all the halal food I can find around Singapore! First up we have the Bulgogi Chicken Kimchi Myon, which was what I ate at ZingDo! At first, I thought that the spicyness of the soup was simply overpowering all other flavours in the dish, like the bulgogi and the kimchi (which I presumed to have different tastes since my cousin ordered the Bulgogi Chicken Hotplate which had the Bulgogi chicken and Kimchi soup in two separate entities). I have yet to figure out whether the spicyness came from the Kimchi, the Bulgogi or some other unknown ingredient that was supposed to be part of the dish. I still liked it though. The myon noodles were soft and well cooked, similar to that of the ramen (are they the one and the same?) and the chicken were sweet and delicious. I totally finished the whole bowl actually! 🙂

The next dish is the one that my sister ordered which was the Bulgogi Beef Kimchi Myon. This was totally similar to my dish, except it was beef instead of chicken. According to my sister, the beef was quite juicy and tender, and the myon noodles were springy and slightly of a harder texture as compared to the ramen. I must add though that one gripe I have of this dish and mine is the fact that the only vegetable in the dish was a sad solitary piece of cabbage leaf. I would have prefered if they added bean sprouts or any other crunchy vegetables to add an alternative texture to the dish.

A more mild version as compared to the noodles, the Bulgogi chickcen was served raw on the hot plate to our tables. My cousin had to slowly cook the chicken seoul-garden-style before eating the dish! The Bulgogi Chicken was quite sweet actually, reminiscent of the seasoned meats at Seoul Garden. The Kimchi soup that came in the set was quite mild and very different from the Kimchi soup from my dish. A plus point was the fact that the dish came with garden vegetables! But some became a little burnt after being in the hotplate for too long. My cousin thought the dish to be quite good actually, being the first time she was eating at ZingDo.

These are the Crispy Fried Mushrooms! I simply love these flour coated mushrooms, fried to a nice crisp as a starter to the whole meal. It almost had a meat-like texture, not having the same bitterness as most mushrooms I have eaten once before! I strongly recommend anyone who goes here to try this, costing only $4.00!

My sister heard about this halal Korean restaurant and asked me to try it out. My cousin, after much persuasion also decided to join us for dinner. I must apologise for the somewhat bad colour contrast in the photos. This is simply because that the whole restaurant is bright orange in colour so my camera had difficulty auto-adjusting the colour contrast between the food and the table! So the pictures actually look more red than it seems. A must try for those who like spicy noodle soups (like me!) One problem for me is that it was only located in Jurong! Hopefully they have more central outlets in the future!

Zingdo Korean Restaurant
Jurong East Entertainment Centre
2 Jurong East Central 1
Singapore 609 731


7 Responses to ZingDo Korean Restaurant

  1. andee says:

    There’s one at Taka! Its at breeks remember? And the korean food looks dangerous. With the exception of the mushrooms, everything looks frighteningly red and spicy. :X

  2. ~fatma says:

    there’s one at taka?! so much nearer than JURONG!
    anw the place is very orange right?
    even the staff wears orange.. my friend went there to eat and took photos haha

  3. zao says:

    yumilicious, but it sure does look hot.

  4. Libertas says:

    But ZingDo is a full Korean place unlike the one at Taka which was under B reeks. Not sure whether the menu is similar though.

    Any other recommendations for halal restaurants anyone?

  5. […] meal that I dared to eat – Fried Mushrooms. I must say that this was better thann the ones I had in ZingDo, simply because they offer a wide variety of mushrooms, not only one type. I wish I could list you […]

  6. miss wawa says:

    is zingdo a halal korean restaurant?

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