Supper @ Pasar Borong Pandan, Johor Bahru

April 16, 2006

Prata dragonball

Plain prata enveloping crab balls, onion and lettuce, covered with cheese, fries and chili sauce! My siblings and I were quite amazed at the different types of prata available at one of the stalls. We were particularly shocked that one of the pratas were called prata racun which meant Poisoned Prata! So we were quite curious as to how each of the different prata tasted like. I was actually under the impression that my sister was going to order the prata racun so I ordered prata dragonball which was also quite intriguing. In the end she didn’t! So sad. Anyway, I rather enjoyed this prata, with all its Western attachments. Quite creative in my opinion!

Roti Naan

One of the best bread I have ever eaten! Light, soft, crispy, warm, slightly rubbery… It has a very unique texture quite unlike normal breads you eat. The way its cooked is also very special because the flattened dough is slammed onto the sides of a huge clay oven, which is heated up at a very high temperature. I ‘m not sure but I think this is a mediterranean type of bread, Turkish maybe?


A spicy beef curry which goes well with the light puffiness of the roti naan! I was licking the plates off with the bits of naan! Better than the normal curry you get for roti pratas.

Bee Hoon Tom Yum

Extremely spicy, but having a very subtle taste of tom yum, more like an after taste. It was a pleasant change to eat tom yum that does hits you right in your face. Simply delightful!

Ais Jagung

Thoroughly sweet, overladen with yellow food colouring – this corn drink was a surprise since my sister thought she ordered a simple corn juice drink! Who would have thought it came with ice, sweet corn and yellow food colouring as well? (which stained most of our fingers once we touched as parts of the bowl..)

Overall it was a thoroughly pleasant meal. We reached Johor at about 12am on Friday and proceeded on to this place which was en route to my grandmother’s house in Taman Saujana, which is near carrefour. We left the place at about 2am! It was quite fun though!