AlaTurka Restaurant

My main course was called Kuzupirzola. Intrigued by its interesting name, I ordered this dish to have a taste of how lamb usually served in Turkish cuisine. Though only three small slices of lamb were given, what made the dish simply memorable was the savoury sauce which had a subtle hint of herbs and spices! What was truly surprising was the discovery of green herbs embedded at the core of the rice mount in the dish! Accompanying the rich spiciness of the Lamb sauce, the vegetables were soaked in a lighter version of the sauce, having the same tinge of herbs and spices. Sigh. Wish I had more.

Called Et Sote (pronounced Et-So-TEH?), I think this was the best turkish dish I have eaten so far! Looking mysteriously like lasagne, the dish was literally bubbling as it was served at our table! You can actually see the steam coming out of the food as it continued to bubble and bubble! Perched delicately on fire, a thin veneer of cheese covers the tasty juicy cubes of meat, chopped onions and tomatoes, all stewed in a delightfully savoury sauce. I had to give a few groans of orgasmic pleasure after each bite. Even Fatma joined in!This is most definitely a spoon licker for sure!

Turkish Apple Tea! Upon drinking, you may think that this fragrant Apple Tea has a very light taste of apple. But after it enters your mouth, the full blow of the apple juices soon hits your tastebuds, producing a taste quite unlike most apple teas! As compared to Sofra‘s Turkish Apple tea, I would think that AlaTurka’s version is much better!

One of the most sinful pleasures on the face of this earth! Called Spangile (Like Span-Gi-ler?), this dessert sees the infamous chocolate mousse topped with whipped cream, delicious rasberry sauce and grinded pistachios. Each mouthful is simply a taste of heaven! The thick jelly-like texture of the chocolate mousse harmonises the lightness of the whipped cream, whereas the strong bite of the pistachios provides an interesting partner to the sweetness of the rasberry sauce. A truly orgasmic end to my meal!

This was the dessert ordered by Fatma. Called Seftalilidondurma (Don’t even ask what the word means! I just take it as it comes.), this colourful ice cream dessert is not to be missed! With a slice of peach at the centre, this hard-to-pronounce dessert has all three essential ice cream flavours at the sides, topped with rasberry sauce and grinded pistachios! Its melting!

Turkish & Mediterranean Restaurant
16 Bussorah Street Singapore 199437
Tel/Fax: 62940304 C.R. 200503257N

[Postscript: Just realised that many others had reviewed this delicious Turkish restaurant! Read caleb’s excellent advice on why Samar should be avoided at all costs and Natsuumi’s varied responses on AlaTurka and one other eating establishment in the same area, Ambrosia, which was the place I initially wanted to go to. I really wanted to go and try Ambrosia’s food, based on a recommendation by Manja Magazine, but according to my friend, its permenantly closed, or at least not open when even though it was about one when I reached there, the place which stated that its opening hours were from 11am, was closed. Any other delicious Turkish place I can go to besides Sofra, AlaTurka, Anatolia?]


11 Responses to AlaTurka Restaurant

  1. andee says:

    where is this place?? tell me now!

    ps. the mental picture of you and fatma making inappropriate noises at the table will probably traumatise me for the next few days.

  2. sour_bodhi says:

    you really can try writing food reviews for magazines or something you know! you’re a natural.

  3. Libertas says:

    Hahahahaha.. Making orgasmic groans of pleasure is the BEST way to show appreciation for our food. It was hilarious because it was instantaneous when we each had a bite of the Et Sote! Great minds think alike! Or this case, great tongues taste alike! Hehehehehe..

    Food tasting is my dream job! Sigh. Any openings anyone?

  4. ~fatma says:

    you’re tagged! look at by blog

  5. sour_bodhi says:

    i wasn’t referring to the part abt making ‘orgasmic groans of pleasure’ though…

  6. […] Based on a glowing food review of Alaturka, Tym dragged a whole bunch of us down to savor their fare. Located on the very bohemian (bohemian = charming but not romantic) Bussorah Street, we basically ordered everything recommended by the review except the deserts because we were too full. […]

  7. Robert Newton says:

    Hi, saw that it was said mistakenly our restaurant is indefinitely closed. We do not open for lunch except via reservation. Our operating hours are 3pm – 6am but lunch reservation from 12pm onwards. I do hope you give me a call to try our food sometime.

    Robert Kyle Newton
    Executive Chef
    Ambrosia Cafe Pte Ltd

  8. Libertas says:

    We most definitely will! Thanks for the information! Can’t wait to try the food there!

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  10. The recipe looks really delicious but Would you tell me about the restaurant.

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