Hari Raya Delectables 2006

Welcome back! I’m back! Anyway, after being on a hiatus for so long, I simply just needed a catalyst to jolt me back to my wonderful past time of waxing lyrical on all types of halal food! And what better way than to start with Hari Raya!

And here we have the most traditional of all kuih, Kuih Tart, or also known as Pineapple Tart! I would say that my mum’s Kuih Tart is simply the best that you can ever taste simply because of the dough that she uses which is soft and crumbly. This golden brown beauty just brings a whole new dimension to the phrase “melts in your mouth” because when you place this tart in your mouth, the dough simply disappears with the pineapple filling, leaving a sweet soft sensation in your mouth. Its small so you can immediately pop it into your mouth. Many people have been asking me for the recipe for my mum’s Kuit Tart but according to her, its the same as all other tarts. She does not have any secret ingredients or special methods to making this. The intricately pinced design is testament to my mum’s culinary skills and is a labour of love because its definitely not easy to make. (I tried to learn but failed miserably!) Come to my house if you really want to have a taste of this or just simply feast your eyes on this truly premier delectable delight!

Up close and personal, we have Kuih Bantal Peluk Saloma! A derivation from the Kuih Tart, this kuih uses kurma or dates as its inti or filling. It tastes simply delightful because the date is lovingly enclosed in the soft dough, creating a harmonious texture once it melts in your mouth! A tip for those who want to make this is to use the soft kurma available in the market instead of the hard ones. And you don’t need to cook the dates beforehand like you do for the pineapples for Kuih Tart. It took a full three hours to completely make the kuih, from the rolling of the dough, to the cutting of the dates, to placing the dates in the dough. And its more fun with my sis around since she was visibly absent for the past few Hari Raya, celebrating them in the US!

More Hari Raya Kuih in the days ahead! Stay Tuned!


4 Responses to Hari Raya Delectables 2006

  1. mary says:

    hello …i like yr blog entries. I’m learning to bake pineapple tart…can u kindly share the recipe. U can sent to my email add. Thanks ..really appreciated.

  2. my all-time favourite says:

    I am crazy with pineapple tarts and will be making some. But, I still could not do/perfect and find exactly the taste and dough type of recipe by the Malays. Somehow I chanced on yr blog and the photo showed excellent tarts yr mum has done and fyi I like to ‘pin chek’ the edges; its an art and I always feel good about doing it but dunno why I can’t get teh dough right. By the way, the pineapple fillings, is it better to add cinnammon to make it more tasty and what kind of butter is recommended? Anyway, I would greatly appreciate if you could share with me the recipe otherwise I’ll have to keep on experimenting it. Thanks a million in advance!

  3. rina says:

    i was goggle-ling on bantal peluk saloma and came across your webby.. does yr mom take orders for her bantal peluk saloma for raya 2008? it looks SUPERLY GOOD… can you ask her for me and lemme know, thanks a bunch!


  4. CATHERINE says:

    hi, just to enquire about the tart cutter and the pincher to pinch around the tart. ihope you will respond to my question. THANK YOU FOR YOUR TIME.

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