Polar Puffs & Cakes @ Tampines Mall

I have always loved the Chicken Pie at Polar Puffs & Cakes because its always very very hard to get halal baked goods stuffed with meat in Singapore. 

Polar Chicken Pie

Not the most flattering photo of the Chicken Pie I must say. 😀 What I love about the pie is the lightness and flakiness of the crust! Although it seems that the chicken filling seems to be getting lesser and lesser these past few years. Hrumph!

Mak has been wanting to buy eclairs ever since she ate them at one of my cousin’s weddings. Since we received Polar Puffs and Cakes vouchers from Starhub, she decided to try the ones available there. 

Polar Eclairs

Even though I am not a regular eclair consumer, this eclair has little to be desired. I was expecting for there to be a chocolate cream filling inside, or that the bread puff be of a softer texture despite the fact that it is frozen, or that the chocolate coating would simply melt once it reaches my mouth. 

Well it failed on all three counts. The chocolate coating is as hard as a rock, the bread puff was tough and the cream was just simply that – cream and nothing else. 

Mak knows that Ayah is a big fan of all things durian. So she spent the rest of the vouchers on the Durian Puffs.

Polar Durian Puffs

Again this was also a disappointment. The bread puff was hard, and the cream inside was not purely made of durian flesh but of a cream that tasted like durian. I was expecting the cream to be made of 100% durian flesh, like the Durian Puffs I always love to buy at the basement of Takashimaya. Definitely not one of the best durian puff I have ever tasted. 

I agree with what Kakak said. Polar is only good at making pies and puffs with the flaky crust. Maybe they should just stick to that and nothing else.


4 Responses to Polar Puffs & Cakes @ Tampines Mall

  1. ~fatma says:

    i totally agree with your sister! i tried both the eclair and durian puff before and yeah..it was BAD :’C

  2. Libertas says:

    Yes! I think the best eclair I tried so far was from Four Leaves. But I have not tried a lot of eclairs though. Heehee.

  3. ~fatma says:

    the bakery near my place used to sell them but it has since closed down (ok it’s gone for maybe a couple of years alr haha)

  4. Rara says:

    I used to like polar curry puffs a lot until one time I bought 15 pcs from the terminal 1 outlet. Upon getting home, about 4 hrs later from the time I bought them, the curry puffs were stale and tasted funny. I gave some to my friend and neighbour before eating them myself. I had to throw them all away and was worried about the ones I gave my friend. Complained to Polar next day but they only offered $15.00 voucher. I told them they can keep the measely voucher! Never gonna go buy that puff again!

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