About Me

I am a Singaporean Malay guy currently trying to complete my law undergraduate degree in National University of Singapore. (Imagine long hours of reading case after case and sleepless nights before exams).

My passions include eating delicious halal food, spending time with my family, taking pictures of delectable halal food and writing about scrumptious halal food.

I hope to complete my degree in one piece, and enjoy tasty halal food along the way. 😀



17 Responses to About Me

  1. Zul says:

    Hi Nizam. I came across your blog while searching about the Anugerah Mendaki. I must say some of your entries are truly captivating. I look highly of your intention of trying to help the Malay community here in Singapore. It’s quite sad of how Malays now are being stereotyped as being Mats and Minahs, I’m sure you know what I mean.

    Anyway, I will be receiving my first Anugerah Mendaki award in a few months, and I would like to know how prestigious actually the award is. It’ll be my first time receiving the award. I’ll be doing my BMT in Tekong during the award ceremony, so I’m deciding whether should I attend the ceremony (if I’m able to attend it at all).


  2. Libertas says:

    Okay I guess my attempts at being anonymous has been totally hopeless! Haahaahaa. Buts its okay. I guess my identity is bound to be figured out anyway.

    In any case, I think you you should go for the ceremony, at least to see who amongst the Malay community have achieved academic excellence, because these are the people you may interact with in the future. Knowing Singapore, you will meet these individuals either in a social context or any other occasion, surprising and unbelievable as it may seem.

    Its always great to know that many young Singaporean Malays do care about our community and the state it is in. I hope that we will be able to channel our passions towards elevating our community from socio-economic marginality. I hope to keep in touch with you soon!

  3. Zul says:

    One of your Army’s entry is the culprit! Perhaps lock that section away or something if you really want to be anonymous.

    Thanks for you reply and yeah, maybe we’ll meet by chance in near future. Keep up your efforts and I’ll look forward to reading your future entries.

    P.S. You can delete my comments if you wish to, I did not realise that I hijacked your “About” section. :X


  4. Libertas says:

    Oh yes! I did mention my name in that entry. Hahaha.

    Please tell me more about Anugerah Mendaki, if you decide to go. And what your plans are after NS.

    Take care!

  5. blink-n-clean says:

    interesting read. was drawn in because of the pics of food, but read through the stuff on the malay/muslim community. i have to admit that i am someone who do stereotype malay/muslims. its hard not to. ironically, im a malay and truly believe that i’m muslim too… though not a die-hard devout one.

    malays in singapore being such a small group… if we have a problem (um… what an understatement) it is easily magnified. so perhaps somewhere along the way, i became semi-aashamed of being malay. i do believe lots of malays, the ones who are in a better position, would like to help. every little bit improves someone’s life somehow, but i believe we would be better if we stand more united. that’s difficult.

    eh… like a bit long like that. basically, i was just impressed at what i saw while skimming through this blog. looking forward to more entries… even if they are just about good places to eat.

  6. In my search for the subject of Malay criticism, I found your blog. See if mine resonates with some of yours at zveloyak.blogspot.com.

  7. jau says:

    nizam! how’s life man! haha i chanced upon your blog while searching for Mendaki’s new category of awards. hope law hasn’t killed you yet! i was doing some stuff on AMLA and thought that it might be worthwhile for you to learn a bit more on principles of syariah and AMLA and all that stuff. will come in useful, especially when trying to disentangle cases involving custody and division of wealth if a spouse is non-muslim, while one is muslim. bump into you soon, i hope.

  8. sara says:

    Hi there,

    Stumbled upon yr blog while checking if Fresh Bulggogi is halal or not. I enjoyed reading yr food reviews and the pictures were so well taken that just looking at them made me hungry. Please keep on adding more food reviews. Thanks a lot!

  9. Naim says:

    Hi there,

    Is there any E-mail address that we can contact you to?

    Kind regards,


  10. Hafidah says:

    I’m on your side.! Honestly, i’m constantly having a hard time to find good halal food in Spore. I personally enjoy eating sushi! sigh. Unfortunately, most of the sushi restaurants here are non-halal. Hmm. Any way, i’m looking forward to celebrate my birthday @ Hei Sushi this year. Hopefully, it would be a wonderful and unforgettable one. =)


  11. Hi there,

    Interesting and quite perceptive review of Dr Lily Zubaidah’s book.

    Are you following the discussion currently going on on The Online Citizen (www.theonlinecitizen.com) on the article ‘The Malay Dilemma’? If not, have a look at it and let me know (or post your comments directly) what you think, especially of Dr Syed Alwi’s comments. (It takes a Malay to counter a Malay ….!).


  12. Ida says:

    Interesting read. Am keen to read more about your thoughts; be it food or Malays in Singapore. I am one of those who was told to leave to make it. I left and I think I’ve made it But of course, there are more to achieve.

  13. Sue says:

    Halo there, I love the pineapple tart that was posted. Able to send me the recipe and method would like to try as I love eating them. I always prefer the Malay pineapple tart instead of the chinese ones.

    Please email to junky.maniac@gmail.com

    Thanks much!!!!!

  14. Sue Ann says:

    Hey there, the pineapple tarts look fantastic. Able to share the recipe with me? Can you email it to familytree.creation@gmail.com thanks a bunch!!! Can’t wait to try it out

  15. Jack Xie says:

    Nizam,I am amused by the neverending “hang-ups”( inhibitions/emotional that limit one’s progress) suffered by the Malay communities in both Malaysia & SIngapore.
    Take a hint from the Chinaman & you’ll notice that he/she just wants to “Cari Makan saja”.In other words,as the great brand slogan says, “Just Do It”.The Chinese dont bother to “hem & haw”( be indecisive) & research about “cultural deficit thesis”issue and complain about the Govt policies about “marginalisation”.The Malaysian Govt & Malay ruling /dominant society has always been squeezing out the Chinese here eg 30% share allocation to Bumis,special unit trust funds for Bumis,7% discount for Bumi housebuyers,business concessions award to Bumis,abundant scholarships for Bumis,preference job offers to Bumis in Govt companies…and the list goes on & on in this Bumi Malay Paradise called Malaysia…..
    So,do the Chinese here complain?No,they just for sake of survival & to feed themselves “cari makan” here or there eg migrate to SPore,US,NZ,Australia,HK,London,etc & do business elsewhere eg Vietnam,China,India.A lot also team up with the Malay Ali Babas to do sub-contract business which they still can make a good margin.
    It’s just our innate( inborn/natural) and Confucius style upbringing by our fathers & forefathers to survive in this world.We are not taught to wait for Heaven to supply our needs but we have to “roll up our sleeves”to look for the $ to feed ourselves & families and save/invest for a rainy day.
    Of course, Nizam,the Malaysian Govt is all too welcoming to any Malay( especially the Indon type ) wanting a taste of Paradise.Nevertheless,if one can survive and proser in Singapore, the Malay can survive anywhere else

  16. what an ignoramus says:

    Jack Xie is such an ignoramus.

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