To be or not to be on Detik?

In my previous entry, a producer wanted to feature my blog in a Malay programme called Detik. Though I was very happy that I was spotted, I felt that I was not really prepared to go on television. Fear? Perhaps. Not being able to speak Malay well? Most definitely.

But I hope I will be ready soon. Being able to meet various Malay intellectuals and leaders, engaged in active discussion on such issues would be one of the many things I want to do in the future.

On an ironic side note, I realised as I was writing my email reply that I could well be a Malay role model myself if I were to appear on tv! How cool is that? 😀


5 Responses to To be or not to be on Detik?

  1. ~fatma says:

    you on tv! i will get home in time that night to watch it haha :p

    don’t won’t be that bad *i think*
    BUT if you are so used to talking in english it might be hard..i tried but after a few words started rattling off in eng all over again haha!

    no worries tho i am sure u are a lot better than me in malay!

  2. Libertas says:

    Hahaha. Thanks! Though I feel my Malay can only surface if I talk to certain people. Its like speaking Malay to my Malay ex-colleague was simply normal. But when I tried with some of my English-speaking Malay friends, it simply sounds weird! Maybe its just how my brain is wired. Hahaha.

  3. wany says:

    hey! if you’ve been given a chance to appear on Detik, go for it!! its a wonderful opportunity 🙂 and then i can tell everyone my cousin’s been on Detik… haha (just kidding!)

    anyway i think it will be really great if you appeared on that show.. you do have a lot of ideas and questions abt the malay community.. and i’ve always had a great time reading them..

    and dont worry abt your Malay speaking skills lah… if i recall correctly you’ve done and said many things in malay before (sajaks, debates and stuffs)… i’m sure you’ll do well 🙂 (much better than me definitely..heh)

    see ya ard! and if you do appear on detik, dont forget to tell us when!! then we’ll all stay up and watch you.. haha.. haf fun!

  4. nur hanis says:

    hey zam, u totally should go for the detik thing, u have alot of refreshing and interesting ideas that pple dun really ponder abt. Dun be afraid of speaking in public, u are gonna be a lawyer soon the confident self that u are… this are just my 2 cents worth…. talk to u guys soon as i,m free

  5. introspectif says:

    wow! go for it, dude.

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