Magic Wok Restaurant

I went to eat at Magic Wok Restaurant yesterday, after a rather “bubble bursting” experience the whole of Sunday, which I will soon delineate after I talk about all the food that I had eaten! I ordered the Thai Beef Kuay Teow because I was yearning for something with noodles and with a whole lot of soup. The soup (or should I say broth?) was quite savoury and delicious because it really soaked up the essence of the beef. A definite plus was the fact that there was a generous serving of beef in the dish! I also simply love the light texture of the Thai noodles which were extremey soft and delicate to the mouth! Its not oily, and neither is it thin and sometimes hard like beehoon. A definite must try for those beef eaters out there!

My sister ordered Phad Thai which is basically noodles fried with prawns, eggs, tofu, peanuts and bean sprouts. It was rather sweet in my personal opinion, and if you must know, I have a very low tolerance for overly sweet food, (unless its like chocolate!) due to my my health-concious mak who tries as far as possible to use less oil, sugar and MSG. My sis didn’t enjoy it that much too (due to the sweetness) and according to her, she had tasted better Phad Thai elsewhere.

My cousin ordered the Thai Pineapple Rice which was Fried pineapple rice with prawn chicken eggs and onion. Quite nice actually though eating from a pineapple bowl proved to be a difficult exercise in my opinion. But not as savoury as I hoped it would be. One interesting aspect of the dish was the sharp taste of the shrimp floss on top which added a more memorable taste to the whole dish.

And last but not the least, we have my all time fabvorite Thai Fried Baby Squid! Taking a bite into this tiny crunchy pieces of squid, tasting the honey-sweet glazed skins, slowly as it melts into your mouth… Sigh! I want to eat it again! A definite recommendation to all fried baby squid lovers out there!

As I had mentioned earlier, it was rather a bubble bursting Sunday. The original plan was trying the food at Padi & Nooch which is a halal restaurant serving Japanese and Western cuisine. It was located somewhere along a secluded part of China Street near the heart of Chinatown. At first we could not find it and when we did, it was closed! Then we tried looking for a Indonesian restaurant called Bumbu which, according to my sister, was worth trying. Again we could not find it, and when we did it was closed! Though Pagi Sore Indonesian Restaurant was open, we were not keen on buying numerous dishes (makan hidang) for us to share because we did not want to spend too much money. After much consideration, Magic Wok was our last resort.

We have still not given up on Padi & Nooch and Bumbu also. A word of caution – Never venture into Raffles Place area on a weekend. Everything is closed. I guess my sister, cousin and I learnt the hard way. 😀

Magic Wok Restaurant
Halal Thai Chinese Cuisine

City Hall MRT Branch
#01-20 Capitol Building


7 Responses to Magic Wok Restaurant

  1. ~fatma says:

    i think they have bumbu at arab street too! (ok nt arab street but arnd that area)

  2. wany says:

    is that like your first time eating at magic wok? they used to have a shop in whitesands at pasir ris, not sure if its still there though.. ate there quite a few times, it was like one of the cheaper alternatives to nice food if you’re sick of fastfood at whiltesands… haha

  3. Libertas says:

    Was not really my first time. Though the Thai beef kuay teow was a first for me. the rather cheap prices was what led us to the place actually. Hahahaha..

  4. andee says:



  5. wany says:

    dunno if you’ve heard of it, but there’s this seafood place called makan house at klapa street (near jln sultan there) where the food is quite nice and the price is not exactly tt cheap, but its not too expensive either… and the service is very good. i had a reunion cum birthday celebration dinner wif my friends there the other day and we paid like $130 for 2 sets of ommelette, kangkong, sweet n sour fish, black pepper chicken and tom yam soup, as well as 2 jugs of llime juice, 1 more black pepper chicken, some other drinks and oranges. plus they gave us some bananas, willingly heated the tom yam soup for us (in fact they asked us if we wanted it to be reheated), and even gave us extra plates and forks when we wanted to eat the birthday cake tt we had brought (we dint even ask them to lend us any). they were really2 friendly and my friends and i had a great time there… i think i might bring my parents there someday 🙂

  6. Libertas says:

    Is it alfresco dining or like in an air conditioned restaurant? From what you are telling me, they are serving Thai chinese cuisine is it?

    Sounds interesting. Though the only problem for these types of places is that I have to go in a group to get my money’s worth. But I’ll keep this in mind! Thanks!

  7. wany says:

    its alfreasco dining… but if you sit inside there’s like loads of fans everywhere… haha.. its sort of like all those chai chee restaurant and places like that, but the food is nice and the service is great 🙂

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