Breeks @ Takashimaya

June 28, 2008

I have always been a fish or a chicken kind of guy. I would always stay clear of beef steaks, knowing that white meat is a better source of protein, and that cost of steaks are astronomically higher than other dishes. But somehow I began nursing a craving for steak after my friends and I decided to meet at Breeks for dinner. Hence upon arrival, I immediately decided to order the Australian Chilled Ribeye with Black Pepper Cream Sauce.

Australian Chilled Ribeye with Black Pepper Cream Sauce

First off, I must say that the Black Pepper Cream sauce is fantastic! I could really taste the spiciness of the black pepper the moment the sauce touched the taste buds in my mouth! Although most people who don’t usually eat steak would rather have the steak be well done, I prefer the steak to be medium rare, so that it remains juicy and tender.

Since my mantra for eating is always to save the best for the last, I ate the boiled vegetables and the fried tomatoes first before attacking the steak – to the amusement of Nurul who was sitting beside me since I diligently separated the vegetables, potatoes and the steak.

Although the steak and sauce was fantastic, I thought that the boiled vegetables and fried potatoes didn’t go well with the steak. Something was missing. As I walked home, it hit me – Chilli Sauce! Yes, you heard me! Not for the steak but for the vegetables and fried potatoes because they tasted quite bland eaten separately from the steak and black pepper sauce! I should have asked the waiter for chilli sauce. My Chinese friend was so amused once when I ate something (I can’t remember what!) with chilli sauce. He claims its symbolizes the “true Malay Taste”! HA! All I know is that Chilli Sauce has always been my good friend, and will continue to be for years to come! 😀

Peppermint Tiara

I had the Peppermint Tiara for dessert. I wondered why they named it Tiara, since it was neither Miss Universe material, nor did it physically resemble a Tiara in any way.

I have always been loyal to chocolate. If Chilli Sauce is my good friend, I would say that I am married to Chocolate! Although I must add that Chocolate can only be enjoyed monogamously, not like Chilli Sauce which has always been promiscuous. 😀 Anyway, since Yusri ordered something Chocolate, I decided to go with Peppermint, since it was my second choice (Or shall I call it my mistress? HAHAHAH!) I thought that the brown portions were chocolate ice cream, but it turned out to be chocolate powder! It was like drinking Milo Dinosaur, just that the Peppermint was solid. It certainly satisfied my hunger! 😀

On a dessert related note, I must definitely try the Massive Attack from Breeks one day! Just imagine a champagne glass x 10 in size, filled with all the ice cream you can imagine, topped with cream, cherries and oreos! THE ULTIMATE SIN! Sigh.

Overall the meal was good. The service was definitely much better than the last time I came, despite the busy Friday dinner traffic. I guess some waiters do need the pressure to provide better services. On another note, my friend had some trouble booking the place on Friday. Apparently Breeks! does not do reservations for Friday dinners, something which I thought was weird.

Anyway, it was great meeting up with my Vega OG mates from the Malay Social Camp 2007! Its been a year since we had orientation and it was great to catch up! Hope to spend more time with you guys soon!


Breeks! Cafe

391A Orchard Road #05-29

Ngee Ann City

Singapore 238 873

Tel: 6738 3368 Fax: 6738 9298

(Opening hours: 11.30am to 10.30pm)