There is a First for Everything…

Today was the first day I entered a Court Building (not the court itself!). Today was also the first day that I was invited to go for dinner with my lawyer and all of the other lawyers and secretaries in the office. Today was also the first and only time that I had to puke during a meal. And last but not least, I also got personally invited for a Malay wedding that is not at all affiliated to my parents!

There’s always a first for everything. As some of my friends already know, I have been working in a law firm for about two months already. And it has been such a refreshing change from the regimentation and discipline of the army! And it has actually come to an extent that I self impose such discipline and regimentation on my lawyer and his office, with my ever obsessive compulsive desire to keep things neat and tidy and on stand by conditions, even during the day when I leave for lunch! I actually cleaned his whole office, making it workable for once! Since I am employed as a secretary/admin assistant/clerk, I don’t expect to really understudy him and learn the mechanics of law and go to court. So when some documents had to be personally delivered to the Subordinate Courts and when the dispatch rider was on MC, the onus was on me to go with him (since I can’t drive!) So yes, the first time I actually went to court was to send documents to the Probate counter. Not entirely spectacular but its a start, given my initial ambivalence to the law profession itself.

Today was also the first time that I participated in a social event with the rest of the people in the office. I have to clarify that there are three separate law firms with three separate lawyers and secretaries working in the same office, so including me that makes seven of us. It was hard initially when I did not know them well so as I worked and proved my worth to them, even though I am only a temp, I was still invited to go with the rest of them. (Though traditional Malay courtesy would prove otherwise, that I still would go regardless of whether I was only a temp!) And it was fantastic, meeting and talking to them on a social setting since its difficult once we are in our offices and immersed in doing documents and paperwork. And I actually managed to talk to the other two lawyers and gain much insight on the law profession itself, especially with regards to being a Malay lawyer.

And this was definitely the first time I vomitted during the meal. And no, I did not vomit on the table. (Thank Allah!) I vomitted in the toilet! I knew that eating at a table barbeque restaurant which mainly consisted or burnt or undercooked food was not good for my sensitive stomach so when I was on to dessert, I already felt queasy and nauseous. One of the lawyers even commented that I was eating too little but the truth is, I was simply feeling sick and the smell was making it worse! So yup I vomitted in the toilet without their knowledge and nonchalantly went back to my seat. Note to self: Never ever again eat at Seoul Garden or Hans River or any other table barbeque restaurant. There’s a reason why you swore off Seoul Garden since Secondary school. No more overpriced undercooked/burnt food for you!

And I was also invited to my first Majlis Persandingan or wedding! One of the female secretaries was getiing married this december and I’m invited! It feels good in the sense that on one hand, she feels close enough to me to invite me to her wedding and that I’m also old enough to actually receive an invitation! I’m definitely going, just that I will going alone since the rest of them are married and have children. So yup, my first wedding invitation no vaguely associated to my family!

So yup, the first of many firsts. Just that today was exceptionally more special with my vomit-in-toilet in mind. Hehehehe. Never ever shall I go to any table barbeque restaurant. NEVER.


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