Oreo Cheesecake

This is a slice of the first ever Oreo Cheesecake I made in my entire life! The harshness of the oreo base goes well with the more creamy texture of the cake, adding an extra dimension to the whole cheesecake experience. The harmonious amalgamation of the Golden Churn Butter, coupled with the sugar and cream cheese also made the cake surprisingly sweet! The thick and creamy texture of the cake was also quite unexpected because I had placed the cake in the oven for quite some time, creating a relatively crispy crust, unlike the normal cheesecakes.

Using a recipe I got online which listed the necessary ingredients I already had, I made the cake without really knowing what to expect! I did not use whipped cream, and neither did I use sour cream as part of the cheesecake. And I did bake the cake in the oven for about 45 minutes, rather than the popular method of simply placing the whole cake in the refrigerator for cooling. And as you can see, the base is a little thick! Note to self: Add slightly more butter next time to ensure that it becomes much harder than it already is! And I’m not sure whether the final mixture before baking should be very runny and watery rather than light and creamy. Can someone please confirm?

Anyway, I’m quite happy at my first attempt. The cake looks quite presentable and taste sweeter than usual. Hope you all agree with me too!


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