SDA Rally @ Tampines Stadium

I’ve been meaning to go for an Oppposition Rally but never really got the chance to do so, until today! There will be a SDA Rally at Tampines Stadium later from 7-10pm. It will be interesting to note the number of people who would be interested enough to come and listen to what SDA has to say concerning its “Eight Golden Paths”. Initially I had difficulty even finding out whether or not there will be anything remotely political happening in Tampines, since its not really considered as a hotspot even though it had been contested consistently in the last six elections, except during the 1997 elections. You can find out more about where the rallies are being held here.

Tampines sees another PAP vs SDA contest

SINGAPORE : Tampines is seeing a contest for votes between incumbent People’s Action Party and the Singapore Democratic Alliance in this general election, just as it did five years ago. Then, the PAP won the battle with nearly 75 percent of the valid votes.

No stranger to competition, this constituency has been contested in the last six elections, with the exception of 1997. Tampines was dubbed a “middle-aged town” by its MP of 18 years, Minister Mah Bow Tan. He has seen the estate mature and the number of voters there double to over 126,000. This general election, Mr Mah will lead his team into battle for the fifth time.

They comprise incumbents Ong Kian Min, Sin Boon Ann and Irene Ng as well newcomer Masagos Zulkifli, who replaces veteran MP Yatiman Yusof. They are being challenged by the SDA’s Arthero Lim Tung Hee, who quit the Singapore Democratic Party early this year, Tan Lead Shake and three newcomers — Edmund Ng Say Eng, Abdul Rahman Mohamad and Ong Hock Siong.

Said Mr Lim, “We came up with the ‘eight golden paths’ for Tampines. This tailor-made programme will eventually come into form if we get elected, and I think the residents are excited about something that is tailor-made. So this is the difference.” Their strategy covers issues like affordable health-care, social security and improved living environment. They also propose a new entrepreneur centre and an estate wired up with broadband available to the residents.

But the PAP team says specifics alone are not enough. Said Mr Mah, “They can put up 108 golden paths. The important thing is, can they implement? Do they have the ability to implement? Residents must ask them these questions and voters must decide.” He added, “I think the specifics of the programmes really are not important because when we talk about the programmes, we are 100 percent confident we are able to deliver. If we can’t, we won’t talk about it.” What the PAP team hopes to bring home to voters is the message that it has delivered on its promises. It is on track with its Lift Upgrading Programme, and using new technologies that will result in savings for the residents.

As the town, which is about 20 years old now, ages, estate renewal has become the talking point for residents, whose profile has also tended towards the retired and elderly. “More activity arranged for us, especially for above 50 years old. We need more activity, for family and harmony for every races,” said resident Asmah Mohamed Lani. These are issues the PAP team says it wants to deal with — plugging the gap for families with young children, promising to move beyond kindergartens and building more nurseries in the constituency, and doing more for the elderly as the estate ages.

Most residents in Tampines GRC say they have already made up their minds as to who they will choose come Polling Day. In the meantime, they are open to what both parties have to say during the campaigning period.

“I will attend most of the rallies by the opposition or by the PAP, just to size up their promise,” resident Kam Kwee Teck said. – CNA /ct

Its obvious who we are going to vote for in Tampines. Besides the fact there’s literally no opposition presence in the five years between elections, I don’t think most Tampines residents would favour the SDA. I’m still puzzling over what issues would Tampines residents be interested in, be it localised or national ones. Would there be a controversy? Lets wait and see!


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