Ramen 10 @ Far East Plaza

This was what i ate at a belated birthday lunch with Fatma and Hui chuan yesterday (since its already 12!). I simply love eating at Ramen 10 even though its only my second time there. I managed to hear about this restaurant only after watching TGIF on Suria which recommended the food here. The dish above is called Spicy Tom Yum Chicken Ramen. The crispyness of the chicken cutlet slices goes well with the spiciness of the tom yum soup. I especially love the fact that its full of soup and tauge (beansprouts!)! What made the whole meal even more interesting is the fact that we were given huge black ladles instead of spoons to savour the spiciness of the soup.

The Hokkaido Oyster Ramen was ordered by Hui chuan, who prefered a less spicy option. Even though it was not spicy, the miso soup was especially delicious because, according to Hui chuan, the principle ingredient in the soup was milk. That explains the slighty opaque colour of the soup, as well as its sweetness. I did not taste the deepfried oysters but according to Hui chuan, it was quite delicious!

The Terriyaki Chicken Don was ordered by Fatma who really wanted to eat the Terriyaki chicken but did not want to eat ramen or rice. I thought the presentation was quite unique because the Terriyaki chicken was served in a mother huge ladle (you cannot see the handle of the ladle holding the chicken!). The Terriyaki sauce was exceptionally sweet which I felt was okay considering the fact that it was Terriyaki of course.

Overall it was a pleasant meal, filled with hilarious lunchtime conversation. Its interesting to hear short snippets of university life from your friends. Even when the lunch appointment which supposedly started at 1300 HRS ended up starting at 1410 HRS. Hehehehehehehehe..


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  1. […] it was a welcome surprise, unlike the more spicy ramen soups which I had usually tasted before in other restaurants. Though I would be definitely happier if they had given me more chicken! A must try for […]

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