Swensons @ T2 Changi Airport

I was quite happy over the fact that the waitress got my order right – Grilled Fish With Sambal without the Sambal. I didn’t think that the sambal would go well with grilled fish. Do you notice anything wrong with the picture above? Well if you didn’t realise, the fish DID NOT seem grilled to me. It was covered in a special batter which was later fried to a crisp! That is not to say it was not delicious, but I really thought something fishy was going on (Sorry for the pun!). Maybe the sambal is there to cover up (I just could not help myself!) something that is not entirely true. But OMG! Flaky, light, moist – these were the quintessential characteristics of a perfect fish dish! In the end I was quite happy with my choice of food.

Next up we have the Sirloin Steak. My sister who ordered this dish wasn’t to happy since the serving was quite small. From the small bite I had off the steak (which was supposed to be well done), it was hard and very chewy. It wasn’t thoroughly fantastic in my personal opinion. Even my brother thought that the one he ate at Simpang Bedok before Chinese New Year was much much better.

This was another interesting dish from Swensons which promised to be quite good. What was simply memorable about the Crayfish Pasta were the flaky pieces of crayfish meat which was fried in a batter, served in the tomato based sauce. Though the serving of pasta was much less than the Black Pepper Seafood Pasta, I personally thought it was quite a worthy investment. Slightly spicy with a strong taste of tomato, the sauce harmonises the lightness of the crayfish with the softness of the spaghetti strands, making it a truly a one-of-a-kind experience!

My brother had the Black Pepper Seafood Pasta! Spicy, sour and bitter – this pasta had an assortment of seafood ranging from the delicious slices of fried fish to stringy factory-processed crab sticks, all lightly sauteed with the black pepper sauce. There were also small pieces of mushrooms hidden between the spaghetti starnds which added a more unique taste to the whole dish. My brother loved the pasta but I thought the black pepper was a little too much.

The cheese simply melts in your mouth! And the fish is simply fantastic! Sigh. Wish I had more of the Fish Baked Rice.. I always thought that the baked rice in Swensons were always served in very small servings.

Light and soft, these buttered fries from Swensons is simply the best you can ever eat! We actually ordered a second round since all of us could not get enough of the fries. In my opinion, its always great to have unsalted fries rather than the salted ones you get in fast food chains.

A harmonious mix of coffee, strawberry, mocha almond fudge, sticky chewy chocolate, butter pecan, peppermint chocolate, rum and raisin and cookies and cream with various toppings on top! I simply love the sticky chewy chocolate at Swensons! Especially with hot fudge on top! Simply fabulous! The only flavour I did not like was the rum and raisin which tasted extremely weird for an ice cream. The whole family shared the ice cream dessert!

Now on to the bad side of Swensons @ T2 Changi Airport. When we arrived at 9 plus at night, there was already a long queue to enter the restaurant. Even when we left at about eleven, there was still a queue of four to five people still waiting to enter the restaurant. After we ordered our food, we had to wait for 20 to 30 minutes before the food actually arrived! Mine came first followed by my sister, my mother and my brother. My father’s dish which was the fish baked rice which I thought needed the least amount of work (how much time do you need to heat the ready made baked rice in the microwave?) came about 40 minutes later! Plain water refill was virtually non-existent, some of the waitresses had heavily Chinese-accented English which made me often wonder whether they understood what we were trying to order. We asked for the bill twice but got no response so we decided to go to the counter to pay the bill.

I asked one of the head waitress whether it was a practice for the customers to pay at the counter. She said no but since there was a 10 to 20 minute waiting time for paying the bill, it was best that we queue up to pay if we really wanted to get out of there. My brother was tempted to just leave since the service was quite bad. My sis brought up a very relevant point about what was lacking in the Singaporean service culture. With the hardcore emphasis on efficiency and speed, what we have forsaken is service itself – simple things like being informed about the status of our meals being cooked or whether or not our bill was arriving soon. The human touch is simply not there! I was unhappy because of the fact that we were virtually ignored even though we persistently reminded them about what we wanted to know.

Not that we are being difficult customers. But if the waitress had taken time to inform us that “Oh there were some problems in the kitchen but your Fish Baked Rice is on the way” or “Hold on for a moment while I try to get the bill for you”, at least there is some form of service involved. What I saw was mostly distracted waitresses just trying to get everything done ASAP so that the neverending queues will get shorter. Ironically in their attempt to be efficient and quick, the queue is always there! There’s even a waiting time for bills! Something needs to be done to enhance the overall eating experience in Swensons.

Something I discovered on the wall right beside my table! It was supposed to be Frosted Chocolate Malt but it became Mat instead. How ironic! Heeheeheehee…


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