Thoughts from a fellow like-minded Melayu blogger

I was checking Technorati for links to my blog and found out that a particular blog by He-Bitch has been quoting from my blog in his past few entries regarding Mats and Melayus in Singapore. (Yes I do check on who links to my blog. Its always very interesting to find out how and why people link you through their entries)

Anyway, back to the topic, I found one of the fictitious characters while I was surfing the net.
The smart Malay one. From what I gathered snooping in his blog, he was from RI, have loads of scholarships, Chinese-Malay mix (oh… that explains it!) and served as a 3rd Sergeant in the Army (let’s call him Libertas). If you do want to read more intelligent arguments about the Malay dilemma and situations we are facing, I strongly recommend his blog entries (though bombastic they are)! Mine are just shallow and tongue-in-cheek. haha…

Firstly, I must thank He-Bitch for regarding me as one of those fictitious cartoon characters you find in Marvel or in your daily newspapers. Its always good to have an existentialist moment of revelation, that I do exist for a particular purpose, if not to serve our glorious G3 army, but to ruminate over the puzzling paradoxical dilemma facing the Malay community in Singapore today. I also realised that as much as I want to shroud myself in clouds of anonymity, something will definitely slip out. I guess I will have to leave you all guessing as to who I really am through my writings and hope that you don’t discover too much about who I really am. (And contrary to popular belief, I do not have loads of scholarships. I’m still trying to get one to go overseas. I already have a place in LSE to do International relations in 2007, but I’m still lacking the finances for the tuition fees.)

He-Bitch’s own accounts serves to substantiate my own argumentations concerning the high divorce rates among Malays. And its always good to hear people agreeing with your own postulations about certain cultural observations, especially the one I did on the problem of thrift among Malays.

If you were an employer and you had to choose between a university graduate (only 1.9% Malays are graduates compared to 11.7%f the total population) or one without a diploma, ‘A’ Level or ITE certificate (27% of Malays don’t), who would you choose?

This is again very true. However, we must keep in mind that our community has progressed. As my mum constantly reminds me, there are more Malay doctors, researchers, scientists, businessmen, CEOs etc today than in the past. But what is apparent now within the community itself is the socio-economic gap between the haves and the have-nots. A direct effect of PAP’s brand of meritocracy, we see those at the top echelons of society progressing at such a rapid rate, whereas the rest try to fumble around with their spendthrift ways, dyfunctional families and unwanted pregnancies.

Wish I can talk more but my brain refuses to work after two weeks of being in camp (one week was spent in Pulau Tekong…).


2 Responses to Thoughts from a fellow like-minded Melayu blogger

  1. Haha… I didn’t know you could do that with Technocrat.. Way cool.

    I’m glad to have come across your blog. It was very insightful and more in depth (than mine).

    I have tonnes of friends who share the same sentiments and I reckon you do too.

    So thanks for mentioning me in your blog and yes I was joking about the fictitious smart Malay.
    Good luck in your studies, and ORD loh!!! (soon for me)

  2. haha.. Its me again, I just wanted to say that you should include our health issues especially our obesity problem. Check out my blog to see what I mean. Hehe.. shamelessly promoting my blog…

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