Habibie’s Chicken Porridge and Chicken Rice

Chicken Porridge is always good when you’re sick. Anyone dining at Habibie Muslim Seafood Restaurant must try this delectable dish, with its steaming semi-liquid texture and the harmony of its spices. The only sad thing is that since I’m having a very bad sore throat now, all food that goes into my mouth taste vaguely disgusting and utterly repulsive.

Haven’t I told you all that the best Chicken Rice in Singapore (at least the halal versions) comes from Habibie? The rice is unbelievably soft and moist and the chicken is absolutely succulent and simply tantalising! Having eaten this for years, I have ultimately committed the various subtleties in taste to memory!

Wish I was well again. Being sick absolutely sucks big time.


6 Responses to Habibie’s Chicken Porridge and Chicken Rice

  1. ~fatma says:

    have you tried the chicken rice at lucky plaza? it’s really yummy!! smells great too (:

  2. jcb says:

    where is this habibie?

  3. libertas says:

    I think they have two outlets in Tampines. I’ll try to get you the address soon. There’s one near Tampines Regional library. The one I went is located near St Hilda’s School.

  4. sourbodhi says:

    hope u get well soon! it wouldn’t do to waste the long CNY weekend… or are you already well at the time of this posting?…

  5. gecko says:

    wow. the pics looks so delicious you could eat them!

  6. KaL-EL says:

    Hi Guys, may I know where is the other Habibie located? Is it somewhere in CLementi? Do get back to me asap as I am planning to go there this friday. Thanx!

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