OMG! I was surfing around flickr among my contacts and I saw this in hirman‘s photos!

This was eons ago! Can’t belief time passes so fast. And yes I was very expressive when I was young-er (I am still considered young right?) And the funny thing was that when I mendeklamasi the sajak again in front of the photographer, I managed to have the same expression as on the screen itself! Hahahaha.


4 Responses to Nostalgia

  1. andee says:

    hey! you should ask for permission before you post photos with other people in it!

  2. ~fatma says:

    omg was tt u on the right hand side?

  3. ~fatma says:

    omg nizam watch this
    it’s il divo at some spanish prog singing with muppets! very cute!

  4. Libertas says:

    I’m just wondering why the muppets are so butt ugly..

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