Chicken Rice @ Food Culture

Isn’t this picture simply heavenly? I can just spend hours just looking at the glistering oil on the golden brown chicken skin, as the light falls on its steamy sensuous aura, making my heart flutter and yearn in desire. Simply delicious! This is one of the best Chicken Rice I have eaten thus far, besides Habibie and the one in the Bugis area! Even though chicken breast is my preferred chicken part, I wasn’t disappointed by this slice of deboned roasted chicken drumstick, which was extremely juicy, surprisingly tender and deliciously warm. I particularly liked the fact that it was deboned, which makes it even more easier to tear pieces of the chicken to eat with spoonfuls of rice and cucumber and kailan. Though the servings cannot be compared to those at Habibie, it was enough to satisfy my hunger in the late afternoon.

This was the scrumptious Kailan I was talking about! I just knew I had to try the Chicken Rice set, simply because it had the delicious stir-fried Kailan! Usually, most Malay Nasi Ayam stalls don’t serve vegetables with the chicken rice. My instinct tells me its because most Malays don’t eat vegetables, or at least haven’t developed a taste of it with Chicken Rice. Since Chicken Rice stall in Food Culture was co-managed by a Malay woman and a Chinese Man, the Kailan was introduced as part of the dishes served. There were even eggs and fried tofu sold with the chicken rice itself, which is usually sold in Chinese Chicken Rice stalls! The crunchiness of the Kailan goes well with the lightness of the soy sauce used to stir-fry the vegetables. A definite must try for Kailan lovers out there!

My whole Chicken Rice Set meal which was $5.80. A little expensive since the Chicken Rice ala carte cost$3.20 but I thought it was worth it since it was quite delicious! You also get a choice of steamed (white skin), roasted (golden brown skin) or fried (same as the chicken cutlet you get in Western stalls). Come and try it!

Chicken Rice Stall
Food Culture
2 Tampines Central 5 #04-10-13
Century Square Shopping Centre
Singapore 529509
Tel : (65) 6781 3114


4 Responses to Chicken Rice @ Food Culture

  1. ~fatma says:

    chicken breast is my most hated part of a chicken haha
    and e kailam at balithai is yummy too (: used to love it till one day i found small ants in it :s never went there ever again since then :s

  2. ~fatma says:

    omg u wudnt believe this nizam but i just realised tt one of my fren’s very much like u! he reads up abt local politics, interested in the issue of malay marginality and knows tt ps majors dun intend to become politicians……and he’s Malay and a guy!

  3. libertas says:

    Does he write reviews for food? Hahahaha. That’s interesting. I’m beginning to think I’m all alone in my weird balance of malay marginality and singapore politics, as well as delicious food! Hahahaha. Is he in NUS?

  4. ~fatma says:

    i dont know about food though haha yep he’s in nus

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