Swenson’s Restaurant

A medium rare ribeye steak, topped with black pepper sauce, with boiled potato bits, fresh salad and nuts! I initially wanted to order my usual Fish and Chips but since they were having these Christmas specials, I decided to try them out. Frankly, I’m not a fan of steak. I prefer the subtle textures of chicken and fish. But when I took a bite off the staek, I knew that it was worth the $18.90! Extremely juicy and tender, the steak simply melts in your mouth upon every bite. The boiled potatoes creates an added dimension to the meal, rather than the usual fried wedges you get for most western dishes. The nuts on the side, cooked in a special spicy sauce, reminded me distinctly of a Malay dish my mum cooks but I can’t remember exactly which one.

Next on the Christmas Specials, we have the Chicken Cheer which Yazid had ordered. I was quite shocked to realise that it was a Roast Chicken Leg covered in spicy chocolate sauce! I asked him how it tasted like. According to him, the sauce was quite spicy to the extent that the chocolate flavour did not make the dish taste too weird or anything. It will be quite weird to taste chicken dipped in any chocolate derivatives, since both chocolate and chicken don’t really mis with one another. But according to Yazid, it was quite a pleasant dish to eat!

This was the dish Hanis ate. I’m so sorry for the shadows on the top left hand corner of the photos. I had to sneak a picture while Hanis was eagerly enjoying the food. Called Jingle Grill, the dish consisted of Lamb Shortloin with almond crush, Turkey Steak and chicken vienna sausages, with potato wedges and salad on the side. According to Hanis, almond was quite a weird combination with the lamb and the turkey tasted like chicken. Even I took a bite off the turkey steak (I have never heard of a turkey served as a steak in my life before!) and realised that it tasted vaguely of chicken. Maybe its really chicken? Albeit the weird and suspicious tastes, Hanis still finished the meal and thought it was quite delicious!

Last but not least, we have the appetizer, chicken soup! It was by far the most creamiest cream of chicken soup I have ever tasted and most definitely one of the very best. What makes it so great is the fact that the chicken bits are quite big and visible so you actually get to taste the texture of the tender chicken meat on every spoonful of soup! it wasn’t powdered or uneven(sometimes you get large globules of cream in the soup) or anything, every spoonful was deliciously viscous, balanced and simply tantalising! Sigh. My only gripe was that they should have served garlic bread with the soup, rather than with the main dish itself.

When I was ordering to Baby (yes, my waiteress was called Baby. I didn’t realise until Hanis and Yazid told me after we ordered!), I burst out laughing when I read out the names of the yoghurt drinks that came along with the dishes (besides the main dish, you get the soup of the day and a yoghurt drink)! Hanis ordered Berry merry (Berrynice yoghurt from Macdonalds? Merryberry.org?!?!?), Yazid ordered Melon Fantasy (I was like WHAT?!?!) and I ordered the most hilarious of them all, Honey Darling! Who comes up with such names??!?! Anyway, I could not stop laughing as I read out the names to Baby, who must have thought I was quite crazy or something.

A thoroughly enjoyable meal, though not the best dishes, but still quite memorable in its quirky ways. Heheheheheh.. I will give Swenson’s 3/5 stars!


2 Responses to Swenson’s Restaurant

  1. ~fatma says:

    jingle grill sounds so cute! haha and i was served by baby when i was there too! (tampines right?) what a name haha

  2. hirman says:

    wahhh.. nv tell me u all makan together 😦

    keep in touch 😛

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