Ambrosia Cafe

In Greek mythology, ambrosia was a balsamic juice, which served as the “Food of the Gods” and was said to preserve their immortality. Mortals who were permitted to partake of ambrosia were said to receive additional beauty, strength, and swiftness.

Through our food, we hope to evoke the azure skies, even bluer Aegean seas, white-gold sand, the vibrant reds, greens, yellow & oranges of the flowers & spices – the paint pallette colours of the Mediterranean.

A feast for the senses… Buenisimo!

Called the Pita De Queso Y Ensalada, these Spanish-style Mediterranean sandwich pockets are filled with cheese, fresh salad, home-made dressing, with minced beef. I personally felt that it was quite expensive for main course since the servings wasn’t very big. My main gripe for this dish is the fact that it tasted vaguely like the pizza topping from Pizza Hut. Don’t get me wrong, it was nice to eat the juicy tomato and cheese filling mixed with minced beef, but I felt it did not live up to its extremely long name. (Note to self: Never trust the long exotic names. Always look at what the description of what is being served) To put it simply, its just a normal kebab from a typical pasar malam, with some added kicks here and there.

Pasticcio – Italian-style hearty meat and pasta, encased in a creamy golden baked crust, served with a side of air flown greens. One of the most beautiful dishes on the menu, however the taste wasn’t truly spectacular. Though the cheese was nice, the bite I took off this dish was burnt and hard. Somehow my dining experience here was not going my way. Fatma who ordered this dish agreed with me that it was simply a normal Italian pasta/lagsane dish which you can buy anywhere. Andee thought it was especially nice because of the high cheese content.

Morrocan-style chicken served with a walnut-based sauce, served with couscous and Mediterranean salad. Circassian Chicken was by far one of the better dishes we tried, ordered especially by Andee! The juicy chicken was rich in spices, making it a truly memorable dish to eat! My mouth could not stop watering after taking a bite off the chicken from the metal kebab stick. None of us has ever tried eating couscous before. Even though I thought that it tasted vaguely like styrofoam bits (the ones you sometimes get in boxes after buying new electrical appliances? Not that I tried eating them of course. The circular texture just reminded me of them!), I grew to like eating the couscous. The salad also added a extra crunch to the whole dish!

Fresh spiced lamb sausages served with a refreshing yoghurt salad, Hummus Bi Tahina and couscous. Kofta was another truly delectable dish savoured by all three of us. The lamb was especially sweet and tender and was so rich in texture that I groaned in pleasure upon every bite. The harsh taste of the lamb goes well with the sweetness of the summer tomato puree. Another dish that must be tried by all!

Named as the Ambrosian Elixir, the true ingredients of Ambrosia Divine is truly unknown. But there’s a definite taste of fruit and milk in the mix. Quite sweet and extremely refeshing!

The whole ambience of the cafe wasn’t up to my expectations. It was quite hot and stuffy (yes I wore my jacket but even Fatma who wore a normal t-shirt and jeans felt hot too) and the chairs weren’t very ergonomic and appropriate for eating. I had to bend forward and stay at the edge of my seat to properly eat my meal because the back of seat sloped all the way down! And the loud grinding of the blender, making our ice-blended drinks, disrupted our dining conversation as we had to speak out louder to make ourselves heard. The lighting can also be improved (as you can see from the not so spectacular pictures I took in the cafe).

Overall I will give Ambrosia Cafe 2/5 stars, because of the Kofta, Circassian Chicken and the Ambrosia Divine which was quite nice. They can definitely improve on the overall ambience of the place and make it even more pleasant for all its customers.

Ambrosia Cafe Private Limited
19/25A, Baghdad Street,
Singapore 199658
Phone: 62927313
Fax 62911422


2 Responses to Ambrosia Cafe

  1. andee says:

    i want to eat the et sote!*droooooool*

  2. ~fatma says:

    me too!
    anyways i just realised tt e guys at uni are 21 years old and they look just like we have a good chance of watching history of violence (:

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