Protected: Army Nostalgia

I suddenly had the urge to look through my Taiwan pictures once again. I never realised how many hilarious pictures we took!

Here’s the four of us looking relatively dry and warm after going through the mother of all storms through the night, smiling! And you can see how the lack of hygiene has caused two bumps to appear on my forehead (which are thankfully gone now! Phew!).

This was another wacky photo! WE didn’t realise that Staff Boh was behind us until the shot was taken! Even though he looks innocent enough, the fact that we look so evil makes him even look even more suspicious! Hahahahah. He was hilarious though. I am especially thankful to him for being quite understanding when I was the Platoon Sergeant for a mission, shielding me from my PC which was a total monster!

All fous of us back in our bunk. Imagine forty odd people in one classroom size room! We’re like immigrants living in squatters in Singapore in the late 19th century! It was quite terrible though living in such conditions, sorely tested the boundaries of “no-privacy”. But an interesting experience nonetheless, one which I don’t wish to relive anytime soon.


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