Mee Goreng Mama!

This is the delicious Mee Hoon Goreng Mama, common sold in hawker centres and coffee shops all across Singapore! My mum instructed me to buy this because guests (or shall I say a special guest) were coming to our house! A perennial favourite, I can never resist taking a bite off this especially sinful noodles, with all its shocking redness. Spicy with a subtle taste of sweetness, these savoury noodles are an essential member of the menu at most indian stalls in all coffee shops. Usually served with sliced cucumbers covered with a extremely sweet concoction of tomato sauce, these noodles are best eaten hot off the wok, soon after the skillful indian cook is finished with it.

I must say I find it extremely suspicious that almost every single mee goreng dish I have eaten have all tasten almost similar, unless the cook had done something wrong in the cooking process. Its as if there’s a generic recipe which everyone follows, which makes this dish easily acessible all over Singapore.

Sigh. More delicious food to come!

Indian Stall
Cafe Link Coffee Shop
Blk 915 Tampines Street 91
Singapore 520915


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