Hari Raya Delectables: Part 7

First up, we have this colourful creation called the Swiss roll. Also known as Kek Gulung is Malay (which literally means rolled cake), this beautiful kuih is a sight to behold! I simply had to take a picture of this once I saw this at my relative’s house. Its soft and moist texture simply just melts in your mouth! I was hesitating whether or not to take the photograph, since it would be quite rude (not to mention weird) to just take out your camera and randomly take pictures of your food on the table. Luckily both my relatives remained oblivious to my sneaky actions, or at least were not even bothered to enquire me about my idiosyncratic behaviour. Hehehehe. At least I get to enjoy this picture now.

Next we have a familiar, unassuming pizza with the usual toppings – minced beef, pineapple bits, capsicum, button mushrooms and cheese. Well, the toppings did add to the taste of the whole pizza but what was great was the pizza base itself. Words fail to describe the initial crispy crunch once you take the first bite, followed by the sweet softness of the bread after it enters your mouth, before you taste the whole medley of items on top. I couldn’t help but make a few orgasmic sounds as I ate crunch after crunch, realising that this was the perfect pizza base ever to be found on the face of the earth. I asked my uncle how he made the bread, but apparently he got it from someone. How sad is that! I was hoping to get a recipe and a few tips here and there. Oh well. Hopefully Pak Lang makes them again next year!

First, I do have to apologise for the bad lighting. I was rushing to take the photos so I couldn’t choose a better place with a much better lighting. Anyway, it seems that I am eating less and less malay food but more of other less traditional dishes eaten in the Malay household during Hari Raya. Besides the pizaa above, this is also one of them. But oh how I love to eat the Indian sup kambing or Lamb Soup! My auntie’s version is just as savoury, as thick and as delicious as the originals you get from the usual indian shops. One gripe I have about it is that the meat was not as juicy and tender as the Indian versions. But soaking the little torn bits of bread into the soup is enough to make your head swoon. Sigh.

Happy and contented right now. It was extremely fun visiting your relatives as a rombongan of cars rather than doing it solo. I was quite shocked to see other bigger families using huge factory lorries with nothing but an empty platform at the back to transport them from one house to another! In all their beautiful baju kurung Hari Raya for that matter! Lucky it did not rain. My families however (there were five families including mine! So five cars!) used cars rather than one big vehicle.

Going to visit my father’s side tomorrow. Hope more delicious food beckons!


7 Responses to Hari Raya Delectables: Part 7

  1. jen says:

    dude – do you whip out your camera before every meal and take pictures of the food?? every relative you visit must be extremely scared of you now! i hope you are doing it discreetly!

  2. Libertas says:

    Firstly, I do hope that “americanised” english does not creep into your language often. Dude? I’m a mat lar. Intellectual mat. Hahaha. I try to be extremely discreet. As discreet as taking a picture while his back is turned. hehehehehe..

  3. ~fatma says:

    haha i dare not take pix of food when i go to to relatives’ house..ey might think it’s rude or sth haha

  4. dolyah says:

    beb do u mind gua link lu? good blog macam gini gua suka siak! hehe especially bila ada gambar power2…

  5. Libertas says:

    Boleh… Harap-harap boleh ambil gambar makan-makan sedap nanti! Kadang-kadang susah lar. Masih dalam NS. hehehehehehe..

  6. Muddy says:

    Can I have an order of that simply delicious looking soup kambing? Oh yeah and 1 bantal of Roti Perancis please?

    The relatives would prolly have one of two reactions:
    a) Takut curi recipe so they might get all possessive about taking pictures
    b) Rasa shiok ader orang nak ambil gambar

    Maybe you should start a service or something. I heard the pictures are so good that some of your readers might wanna order. 🙂 So you can be the matchmaker and who knows make some profits to invest in more food OR photo blog.

  7. sya says:

    heyhey! the food looks REALLY good. i am salivating! and sad. ahhaha. eid mubarakh!

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