Hari Raya Delectables: Part 5

My last buka meal! Sigh. Observing close to my own unique family tradition, we had our quintessential lontong in chicken curry, a harmonious infusion of two very different creations. I don’t think anyone else in the Malay world would actually do this, much rather eat this! Hahaha. Only in my family. Traditionally, lontong is eaten with lauk lemak or the usual yellow gravy you buy from shops. However, during Hari Raya, we also eat it with rendang, satay, serunding and anything else that is on the table! Since you don’t usually find kari ayam on the Hari Raya table, this dish is definitely an odd dish to see. The lontong, unfortunately, is not the real deal. It was made from an instant one found in plastic bags. It cuts down on a lot of time for my mum, whom is finally really hard to do all the cooking by herself. I wanted to make ketupat this year but too much work is involved. Kakak! Come back quick next year so we can make ketupat again!

Next up we have a freshly baked Marble Cake, one of the few cakes my mum continues to bake on and off, aside from the perennial Kek kukus which is a hot favourite among my relatives. I’m sorry that I was unable to provide a close up on the inner texture of the cake. This cake is supposed to be one of the buah tangan or customary gifts to my grandmother on Hari Raya day itself. I’m not sure for the rest, but each family would bring one or two dishes to my grandmother’s house on Hari Raya day, in the spirit of giving and of course eating! Asides from this cake and chicken curry, my mum is also making Ayam Masak Merah and Serunding, which I promise I will showcase maybe later in the morning (its already one in the morning!).

Just finished ironing and putting up all, and I mean ALL of the curtains in my house, which includes the living room, study room, master bedroom, my sister’s room and my brother’s room. Hopefully the food later will be worth the effort. Sigh.

Selamat Hari Raya Aidilfitri kepada semua! Saya ingin menyusun sepuluh jari memohon maaf jika terkasar bahasa atau tersilap kata. Harap-harap kita dapat memperkukuhkan pertalian siraturrahim antara keluarga and sanak-saudara!


8 Responses to Hari Raya Delectables: Part 5

  1. J says:

    hi, lontong and chicken curry fusion sounds like genius to me!

  2. sour_bodhi says:

    the marble cake looks simply scrumptious!…

  3. jul says:

    the first time i visit your blog, and i am greeted by a whole host of yummy food, which makes me miss home =P

  4. ~fatma says:

    lontong & curry chicken doesnt sound as crazy as bagedil & sambal tumis! haha i have no idea but i love eating that

  5. Libertas says:

    Bagedil and sambal tumis? How does that taste like?! Do you eat it with anything else?

  6. ~fatma says:

    haha i like it! i ate it with sambal goreng but just bagedil & sambal tumis is yummy enough..it taste like..bagedil & sambal tumis? haha i dont know how to describe it

  7. muddy says:

    🙂 Darn, I do miss the lontong and chicken curry. And having it over and over again throughout malam raya while cleaning the house and bustling to tie loose ends. Sometimes, I’d sneak a piece of chicken in my dear tummy just to make sure I’m not in dreamland. You are one lucky dude.

    You guys just gotta try it.

    What happen to Kek Gulung arh?

    Bagedil goes well with a lot of things! I can almost taste it with sambal tumis. Soft, oily, wet mashed potato sprinkled liberally with minced meat and the hot spicy tumis must be just awesome. Almost like chips and dip.

  8. muddy says:

    Yes! Ketupat! Lontong! 😀 Here we come..(next year, Inshya-Allah)

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