Hari Raya Delectables: Part 4

I am proud to say that this kuih is a totally new creation of my mum’s. Adding her own infusion of Ghirardelli chocolate powder bought from California into the cookie mix, she has produced a cookie with a soothing chocolate aroma that will simply titilate your senses! (I know it did for me!) Using the ingredients from Kuih Dahlia (translation unknown. Its main ingredient is Bird’s Tepung Custard or Bird’s Custard flour. Also made using vanilla essence), she produced this kuih, improvising as she went along. We were quite surprised when after placing the first batch into the oven, the cookies started to expand rapidly, utterly destroying the flower image she wanted to portray, becoming totally flat and circular (as seen in the photo above). But aren’t these simply beautiful flat circular cookies? In fact anything with chocolate in it would taste great! But that’s just the chocoholic in me talking. Sigh. The aroma is simply tantalising. Wish you were here to smell it too! And yes, I think I shall call it Ghirardelli Chocolate Cookies!

Next in the kuih Hari Raya line up we have cashew nuts! A perennial regular among my family’s kuih raya, this is one of the many little traditions of my family, directly influenced by my father, who loves eating cashew nuts (Also known as gajus in Malay)! Deep fried in oil, the cashew nuts are then lightly sprinkled with salt to give that added taste to the whole nut. Besides cashew nuts, one other little tradition of my family is cooking delicious curry chicken on Hari Raya! (This is again introduced by my father) Traditionally, who would even think of eating kari ayam on Hari Raya? But after eating it for many years now, it has become an indispensible ingredient of a scrumptious Hari Raya feast at my Grandma’s house. Can’t wait to eat it once again. Sigh!

Hope I can find more delicious kuih to sample! 😀


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