Hari Raya Delectables: Part 3

This is my aunt’s version of the Chocolate Chip Cookie. Though having the same name, my aunt’s version of this popular cookie is way different in terms of taste and texture. And that’s the beauty of Hari Raya! There’s simply no homogeneity in Hari Raya goodies and each visit to a relative’s home is a mouth watering gastronomical adventure! And I’m only showcasing kuih-muih and not the plethora of Malay cuisine like Satay, Lontong, Ketupat and rendang (though I promise I will once I get back on the first day of Hari Raya)! My aunt’s version of the cookie is much more crispier in texture and has a very subtle taste of caramel and honey (though I’m not exactly sure whether caramel and honey are the exact ingredients of the cookies). But its so delicious and fantastic once you take a bite of these marvellous creations. And according to my mum, her cookies are in high demand! Great job Makcik (that’s what we all call her!)!

This is another one of the many creations of my aunt. Though I’m not certain what its called, I must say it was quite a surprise eating one of these purple cupcake cookies. Don’t be taken in by the hard and cold exterior. When you take a bite off these kuih, you discover that its hollow and what’s inside are a few pieces of chocolate chip, totally unharmed and unadulterated! Its amazing how its able to withstand the heat of the oven and remain totally cool and fresh underneath the hard pale veneer. It was quite crunchy too. Though wasn’t as great as her Chocolate Chip Cookie.

Hopefully my mum will bake more kuih in the coming days…


7 Responses to Hari Raya Delectables: Part 3

  1. muddy says:

    You go, Makcik!!
    Kirim salam her please!

    Erm, kalau ader lebih hantar kat sini please. 😀

  2. huda says:

    to my dear cuzin diana.. i tink by the time send the cookies to u pecah alreadi… hehehe..

    another 2 more days till i get to eat all those delicious food.. hmm… i can almost smell all the food.. no offence diana.. hehe..

  3. Ezequielrootz says:

    Yum Yum.. hehehe.. Diana.. If u wanna eat all the cookies, come back quick.. hehehe.. dun wait till dec or jan.. by the time, the cookies will be long gone.. kekekeke…

    Neway.. Huda, Nizam n I will be enjoying the kuihs.. cakes.. lauk pauk.. lontong.. satay.. ayam goreng.. yum yum.. cant wait 4 hari raya.. hehehe.. ;p

  4. jen says:

    oh nizam i hate you so much. why do you keep posting these pictures?? the cookies on the top look the best! omg. does your mom replicate cookies?? i WANT ONE.

  5. Libertas says:

    Come back to Singapore and you can eat them all! 😀

  6. jen says:


    but you will finish them all!

  7. Libertas says:

    Well if you come back fast enough. Hehehehehehe..

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