Hari Raya Delectables: Part 1

Today is the first day of making Kuih Hari Raya (Hari Raya cookies and delicacies!)! The next few scrumptious posts will be parts of a new mini-series purely dedicated to HARI RAYA FOOD! Yum Yum Yum! The tray of cookies you see above is the delicious Chocolate Chip cookies which is famous throughout Singapore (and maybe Malaysia)! It has become an essential staple (besides Kuih Tart or Pineapple Tart) of our Hari Raya festivities! As you can see, the two main ingredients of the cookie are Hersey’s chocolate chips and roughly chopped almonds. A sure favourite among all the little kids and Makciks of all ages! I love this version of the cookie, but I think my auntie’s one is better! I’ll try to take a picture of it later. Maybe Andee can help? 😀

Next we have a new face among all the Hari Raya cookies out there (or according to my mum, a reincarnated one since she once made this a very long time ago till she even forgot how it looks or tastes like!): the Corn Flakes Cookie! Looks may be deceiving but these little pockets of crunch is a delicious morsel of memories and times past. The verdict is still yet to be announced on how well it would be received by the public (aka visitors to my house which includes all my relatives and friends). Hopefully this new face will make an reappearance in next year’s line up!

Stay tuned for more delicious cookie updates tomorrow!


2 Responses to Hari Raya Delectables: Part 1

  1. sour_bodhi says:

    i din noe choc chip cookies are a malay delicacy!

  2. muddy says:

    Shioknyer! 🙂

    Thank you for the virtual feast. Now my stomach’s having a gastronomic party.

    More more more! I want more!

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