Geylang Light up and Buka!

Some pictures I took since Ramadhan started.


5 Responses to Geylang Light up and Buka!

  1. huda says:

    WOW!!! looked at all the food we had dat nite.. delicious.. ive started to feel hungry alreadi.. yum! yum!

  2. jen says:

    you always post pictures of food! i think it’s an unhealthy obsession! and i WANT THAT MEE GORENG NOW. and did my eyes spy roti john??

    btw, i’ve always suspected this, but now i know for sure that it’s true. my favouritest food in the world is roti prata with egg and fish curry.

    it beats all the other foods, hands down.

  3. Libertas says:

    To Huda: I know! The food was fantastic! Sigh. Wished I had a bigger stomach to eat everything! And its great that we at least get to meet up every Ramadhan for buka as a family. Hehehehehe.

    Hey Jen! I thought you would have known me by now, with my love-at-first-taste relationship with your mum’s quesadilla, which soon led me to the Taco Bell’s version! Omg. The mee goreng was simply fabulous! The rich spiceyness of the noodles, coupled with the subtle sensations of the egg and meat makes each bite a mouthful of pure heaven! And oh, there wasn’t roti john. I think you were looking at the murtabak? (Hehehehe. I can smell you jealousy..)

    To me, the best prata (I can’t decide on what is my best food! Whenever I decide on one, something more delicious comes along and steals my senses away! Sigh.) is the CHEESE PRATA! HEAVEN!

    Heheheehehhee. Glad you liked the post!

  4. huda says:

    i managed to try everything on dat day. haha.. slow n steady wins the race.. i cant wait for 1st day hari raya.. all gonna bring the food to nenek’s house. yea…

  5. muddy says:

    WAAAAAHHHH!!! *wails loudly*

    I want some I want some. Can I have an order of the soup tulang and roti prancis, 1 chicken murtabak and 1 plate of mamak mee goreng, please? Extra chilli and lotsa chicken.

    Cheese prata is the in-thing amongst the NUS hostelities at prata shop in the back. Check it out. It’s 24hours. If you like cheese prata, try mushroom cheese prata. It’s oh-so-heaven.

    Eh where is the rest of the family?

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