White elephants: revisted

I saw this in Mr Wang’s entry, as he related this to Dr Cherian George’s article and the following response from Ms Chen. I didn’t know the case was over! And the culprit wasn’t even revealed! Interesting. This are excerpts of the articles from the Straits Times featured in Mr Wang’s entry.

Oct 7, 2005
Police give stern warning to protester

By Leslie Koh

THE Case Of The Eight White Elephants has finally been wrapped up.

The punishment for putting up eight cutouts of cartoon elephants in front of Buangkok MRT station to protest against its non-opening: A stern warning from the police.

The placards, they said in a two-paragraph statement issued yesterday, did not cause public annoyance or a nuisance. But they did infringe on a law requiring people to obtain a permit before putting up posters or exhibits for public display.

So the police have issued a stern warning, instead of prosecuting the person who did it. They did not name the culprit.

Identity of the Elephant Man?

Oct 10, 2005
‘Fight’ to open Buangkok MRT station goes on

By Lydia Lim
GRASSROOTS leaders of Punggol South will fight on to get Buangkok MRT station opened.

And they will come up with more unusual ways to get the message across.

Grassroots leader Sunny Leow told reporters yesterday: ‘We’ll still be very creative, but within the law.’

Mr Leow, 54, chairs the Punggol South Citizens’ Consultative Committee.

The businessman is believed to be the one who received a police warning after an investigation into the placing of eight white-elephant placards on the road divider outside the station.

The incident became a national talking point.

Yawning bread also ponders over the reasons behind the non-disclosure of the identity of the White Elephant Man. Even he also suspects that the person involved may be from within the ranks.

Something tells me, he has been told not to identify himself. Maybe it was a condition in the police warning given to him. Maybe it was an instruction from the MP.

If indeed it was a PAP-linked grassroots leader, then disclosure can only suggest disarray in their ranks. It seems to me to serve the PAP very well to keep it a secret.



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