One Singapore

I’m officially shocked! Finally a global movement on such an important cause finally reached Singapore after a few months of existence. Come and sign the declaration (its not up yet, but feel free to take a look around!) to make poverty history and to rally under one united cause!

ONESINGAPORE is a new effort to rally Singaporeans to fight the emergency of global extreme poverty. Through ONESINGAPORE, each ONE of us can make a difference. Together as ONE we can change the world.

The idea was generated in June 2005 as part of a community project rooted from within a deep desire to make a difference as One Singapore in the worldwide movement of GCAP (Global Call For Action Against Poverty) of which until now, does not have any representation from Singapore.

This initiative allows concerned volunteers from Singapore to rally for a worthy cause, encouraging and promoting volunteerism and philanthropy within the local community, impacting the global community.

Togther with a number of responsible corporate partners, we aim to lead the Singapore Coalition Movement as ONESINGAPORE, bringing forth the possibility of LOVE, COMPASSION & CONTRIBUTION to the community.

Sign up to add your voice to support The ONESINGAPORE Declaration. You will join the growing number of Singaporeans who are getting involved online and in communities across the country to fight poverty through ONESINGAPORE, a part of the global Make Poverty History movement.

Read more about the OneSingapore campaign here. The white band I wear is NOT, I say again, NOT from Giordano or some unassuming coin-operated toy machine (the one you see outside provision shops where you insert coins to get a toy from a globular plastic casing). The white band I wear was obtained from, a UK affliated organisation championing the same cause. Order yours now here!

For Singapore, we are taking a stand for Making Child Poverty History as our committed listening for the international Global Call To Action Against Poverty (GCAP). For simplicity, our White Band will only bear the engraved word ‘ONE’ with our website address ‘’ embossed on the opposite side.

Join this local movement and be part of a global rally to end poverty in the world! Do more than just charity and donations. Inform the world leaders that much more is needed to help make poverty history!


3 Responses to One Singapore

  1. ~fatma says:

    yay! 🙂 e day finally has come..ONE is finally in sgp!

  2. yong ping says:

    that’s it? ONESingapore is so that you can sign the declaration? they’re not doing any efforts for the locals or anything?

  3. Libertas says:

    Its much more than doing cip and stuff. Its about letting the world leaders know how much priority should be given to this issue above everything else. If the leaders don’t deal with the issue, we would just continue putting ten cent coins into tins and achieve our six hours of community service. This is aimed for a wider international audience, not only for Singaporeans living in poverty per se (though there are people in Singapore living under the acceptable income line and we should try to press the government to do more for them). By showing support and signing the declaration, hoepfully world leaders would make the effort to reduce the level of poverty and if such major world leaders such as the US and UK do so, Singapore will definitely follow suit. (though this would be contentious, in view of various criticisms of our political freedom by various governments not forcing our government to make the necessary changes)

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