PAP? No, ST Bugs Me More.

PAP? No, ST Bugs Me More.

With morally righteous and pro-establishment articles on the ST, how do we keep kids from believing everything they read?

By XenoBoy

The past few weeks have thrown up another worry about children and the newspapers, as if bloggers don’t have enough on their hands.

I’m talking about the Straits Times.

As a Sg blogger, I’m naturally wary of ST already, mainly because ST journalists are wont to throw objectivity out of the window.

That’s because regime criticism seems to be the last thing on ST journalists’ minds, unlike, say blogs which, for the most part, do their darnedest to make sure that they question the validity of State policies.

For ST journalists, saying what the regime wants them to say seems to be de rigueur, consequences be damned. Now, the ST have never generated much controversy, but what happened here about two weeks ago takes the cake.

Just in case you missed it: Three people were charged with making racist comments in their blogs. And we suddenly have an onslaught of ST articles teaching bloggers how to be responsible, followed by another barrage of articles with a fetish for blogging doom.

In one particularly galling incident, one of the journalists, actually maligned the entire community of bloggers. That just about did it for me and ST articles. I’m sad the authorities did not haul the journalist to court. If they had done so, it will send a message to like-minded ST journalists that they’d better start putting the brain before the pen.

As far as I’m concerned, ST articles are possibly the worst things about Singapore media. Sure, the PAP and governance stuff rightly furrows the brows of parents, but the things some ST journalists say go far beyond the pale.

After news of the charges broke, some ST journalists made comments that seemed far from the realm of common sense to me. Here were three people charged with making inflammatory statements — in a society where being tolerant is constantly drummed into us, no less — and ST journalists were unworried about the chilling effect of the use of the Sedition Act in the general media landscape.

As I said, ST articles, to me, is the biggest danger out there. It’s also given me more work to do when it comes to my children.

Now, I have to find a way to keep my kids from believing what they read when they come across such ST articles.

And compare this to Carl Skadian’s article entitled “Porn? No, blogs bug me more” (Sept 28, 2005). Highly throught provoking and enlightening, as compared to the our daily staple of “news” (or as according to quidnunc not really..) papers.

Read From the Singapore Angle for a round up of responses on the article by Carl Skadian. I just burst out laughing when I found out Molly Meek had died, again, due to the developments arising from the sedition cases, jc students asked to censor their blogs and so on. Blogging in Singapore has taken an interesting turn. And I must simply quote her about this:

“If you condition them to believe everything in their National Education classes, in the ST, in Channel NewsAsia, etc, then they will inevitably tend to believe everything an inflammatory, venomous, seditious, subversive blogger has to say since you have effaced their critical abilities” — Molly Meek, Anouncement (


5 Responses to PAP? No, ST Bugs Me More.

  1. jen says:

    hey! i am loving your blog! it’s so intelligent, YET i understand it! now that is a feat, my friend. and my own blog feels so frivolous next to yours, haha. also: i have checked out the meaning of voluptuous. OMG. i hope you will henceforth never use the word again! and BTW, my MOM reads that blog! and i bet she would know what it means!

  2. Libertas says:

    Heeheeheeheehee! Hey just interested to know your response to this entry, seeing that I do have a friend who is a soon-to-be ST journalist! Did you manage to keep abreast of developments here in our sunny little island? And thanks for your compliments! Really great to know at least some people want to read my intelligent entries! Hahahahahah!

  3. jen says:

    i’ll tell you my response when i see you online ๐Ÿ™‚ i’ve managed to keep a little up-to-date, i know abt the blogger arrests etc but i haven’t managed to read every one of the response pieces… and the general furore that seems to have erupted. i’m too busy/lazy to keep logging into STI. btw, i may not be ST when i go back in! i could be in the new paper, man. how much would you hate me? haha.

  4. Libertas says:

    The New Paper? As in the tabloidrubbishcrapnonsensesorryexcuseforjournalism? Not that I will hate you per se but I will abhor you as the journalist from that particular paper. If my impression for ST is already so low, what do you think I would view TNP?

    Hahahahaha. Though again saying such sweeping statements of all ST journalists as a whole would be quite unfair as sometimes, there are inklings of intelligence and critical thinking like Mr Warren Fernandez and Mr Cherian George, both political writers who are able to divorce their jobs from their thinking (if you get what I mean..)

  5. XenoBoy says:

    Nice blog. Enjoyed reading your entries. ๐Ÿ˜‰

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