Malay Wedding: Revisited

I attended my Grand-auntie’s daughter’s wedding yesterday at Chua Chu Kang. It was an overwhelming experience, not because of the marriage per se but the people who came to the wedding itself. I have come to a realisation that it is highly probabale that almost every single one of us living in singapore is somewhat related, and that somewhere within our family tree are ties which bind each and every single one of us together like some huge Adam and Eve family! Its scary! What if your future girlfriend is your grandfather’s uncle’s second wife’s granddaughter? Or your great grandmother’s disowned sister’s cousin?

On my mother’s side alone I have two uncles and four aunties (all of them, including my mother as the eldest, siblings). Among them, they have over thirty cousins from both my grandmother’s and grandfather’s side! And this does not include my Father’s siblings who includes more than ten in total!

I dread the near future where I would have to entertain guests for my own brother’s or sister’s wedding (or which ever comes first! :D) with little recognition of the various relations I am supposed to have. It would be sheer torture having to remember the names and how they are related to you somehow or rather. And it would be scary (and extremely freaky!) to find out that someone you know is directly related to you! But thankfully I am the youngest of three in my family so the onus is more on my brother who is the eldest, having more relatives remembering his name then my own individual existence.

On a related note, I also learnt that my maternal grandparents wedding was attended by the Sultan of Johore! This was because my great grandfather knew him somehow and had invited him over. That would have been very grand during that period of time.

I didn’t help out much during the wedding. There were too many hands so I was left sitting down at the side just talking to my aunties, uncles and cousins about miscellaneous stuff, like how heavy the headset the bride was wearing, how off key and off tune the singing were, how they served delicious sweet and sour fish and this friend jemput-jemput udang which was pure heaven!

I will post pictures when I book out. Was to lazy to do so when I came back home yesterday. Can’t wait for the next wedding to happen!


One Response to Malay Wedding: Revisited

  1. Ezequielrootz says:

    Yeah.. tats quite true in wateva tat u said. was kinda surprised too tat these ppl know me and even my name but i dun have a clue who they are!! well… it comes wif the territory of having a large family like we do. But it does makes events like marraiges a whole lot merrier rite??

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