Dream Interpretation Please?

I had the weirdest dream last night in camp.

I dreamt that I was at a video shop, trying to get the latest Zoe Tay and Lee Nanxing ch8 drama serial (though the latest one where both had acted was the Unbeatables) in VCD. And they also had released four telemovies from the same serial which I also wanted to buy from the shop. At first the auntie (whose face looked familiar to me then but now remains a vague distant memory) had the telemovies in stock and I really could remember the sadness I felt for not having the two seasons of the show. But then she later found them and gave them to me.

When I received the cds, I also remember that the whole serial was entitled “The Stigma of Love” (though how can love be stigmatised was beyond me) and that the two seasons cost 236 bucks! The telemovies though only cost $11.20 each. So due to the lack of finances (even my financial problems persist in my semiconscious state!), I could only afford the telemovies.

Then I woke up.

The dream was particularly memorable simply because of the intensity of emotions I presumably had felt throughout the whole dream. This leads to several interesting questions. Why do I want to buy four telemovies and two seasons of “The Stigma of Love” starred by Zoe Tay and Lee Nanxing? And why does the auntie at the video shop look so familiar? And why in the world can I remember the cost of each individual cd?

Any interpretations?


9 Responses to Dream Interpretation Please?

  1. ~fatma says:

    haha dont fret over it..i think loads of ppl have weird dreams every now and then..i’ve had much weirder ones trust me
    but supposedly ppl say dreams are a reflection of your desires..
    tho i have no idea wads e relevance of the numbers that you sometimes remember in dreams

  2. andee says:

    haha! this is almost as funny as your “nizam are u there..*silence*… dont hang up!” dream.

  3. Libertas says:

    I suddenly realised that the dream may have remnants of incidences that happen on Friday. Like how you finally received the two alias seasons and how my financial situation is diminishing as we speak. And maybe I do feel that love is stigmatised (though I don’t know how). Hmm. Interesting.

  4. yong ping says:

    sometimes it doesn’t pay to analyse dreams so much…:P

  5. cheek says:

    zam, this just reminds me of the time the school uniform lady mistook you for a chinese boy and began speaking to you in mandarin.

    or maybe you’re just dreaming of possible civilian encounters, seeing as how this was dreamt up in camp. so maybe you’re just really desperate to book out! like me!

  6. Libertas says:

    oh my gosh. That sounds so sad! Dreaming about weird civilian encounters being a reflection of my life in relative captivity in a camp!

    And I don’t remember that incident with the school uniform lady. Maybe there’s simply too many of them. Hahahaha.

  7. Muddy says:

    Dude, even in your dream you have expensive taste! $236 for 2 seasons? *grins* And when did
    you started buying VCDs of Chinese serials?

    Stigma of love. *lol* Oh man, I can’t stop laughing. I’m sorry.

    Okay interpretation. You love movies and dramas to bits and secretly adore your chinese heritage. Zoe Tay and Li Nanxing’s love reflects how it can be stigmatized and how unbeatable that can be. You remember the cost because you have tried to save the amount so hard but yet.

  8. kamya says:

    AHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA this is HILARIOUS.. and wads even funnier is the way ur interpreting the funiest dream EVER so seroiusly.. AHAHAHA mannn.. *shakes finger*

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