International Halal Food Expo 2005

I just came back from the International Halal Food Expo 2005, held at the Singapore Expo. It wasn’t very big and the selection of food was quite limited to be honest, vis-a-vis previous food expos I have been to. But it was still a fulfilling experience, at least since I got to eat all the delicious food I want.

Kakak, this is all for you! I just want to make you scream for not being there eating all the delectable food that you love. Hehehehehehehe!

Lets start off with the Scrumptuous Turkish Kebab:

The rough rubbery texture of the pita bread wasn’t fantastic. But the filling was simply tantalizing. The tenderness of the chicken simply melted with the lettuce and sauces, providing a harmonious symphony in your mouth!

Next we have a Japanese dish, which I think is called Takoyaki:

(Sorry for lack of focus in the picture!) Again it wasn’t the best one I have tasted. But this tasty globular gifts from the land of the Rising Sun is truly an exquisite find! What must be highlighted is the light papery squid garnishing peppered on top which adds another dimension to the whole dish itself!

Lastly we have the Malay Roti Kirai/Jala:

Roti Kirai!
(I know this is your favourite Kakak!) This was simply delicious! Its been a while since I tasted good Roti Kirai.

My whole dinner:

Sigh. In a state of contentment and pure satisfaction.


2 Responses to International Halal Food Expo 2005

  1. Muddy says:


    Yes, in my quest for higher learning I picked up some incredible language that I just had to share with you while reading your posting. =)

    I can see how you carefully featured those food that are my absolute favorites. Each picture was both a stab at my heart and an empty filling in my stomach. I am really glad the Takoyaki pic is but a blur, just the way I like it. Shoot, I am even glad that the pita bread had a cool rubbery texture to it. You should check out the mediterranean wraps here. Pure heaven.

    What I am glad though is the healthy appetite you still have. =D So I’m sure I’d read more food postings now and then.

    Hey what about pics of army food? =D

  2. Libertas says:

    HAHAHAHAHAHAHHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHHAAHHA! I would have paid millions to have seen your face when you saw the delicious (I am must emphasize, DELICIOUS!) food. 😀

    Oh. By the way, no cameras allowed in camp. “Restricted information”.

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