White Band Day 2 : Activities Across The World

Editor’s Note: On September 10, White Band Day 2, GCAP activists across the world will be taking part in several activities. Below we have selected ten nations in the five different regions of the world and highlighted the activities in those countries. Until September 10, we will continue to highlight activities across the regions. However, as there are over seventy nations aligned with GCAP worldwide, it may be difficult to mention all countries and for this we apologise profusely. If you want to know what is happening in your country and it is not mentioned in this letter, we ask that you visit http://www.whiteband.org . If there is nothing happening in your country, we ask that you take charge and do something!


BAHRAIN – On September 10 in Bahrain, Global Call to Action against Poverty activists will hold a conference on poverty. The conference will seek to engage people on the best way to reduce poverty. Thereafter, there will be a meeting with members of parliament on Millennium development Goals.
Contact: Hani El Shaikh – hani@agu.edu.bh 973)399-6654

JORDAN – With the eyes of White Band Day 2 activists focused on New York City in general and the United Nations in particular, it is very fitting that on September 10 in Jordan, GCAP activists are going to organise a manifestation next to the United Nations building.
Contact: Trez El Rayyan Jordan_aah@yahoo.com 962)795 850-429


PAKISTAN – This white band day two, Pakistan will aim to raise greater awareness for the Global Call to Action against Poverty. For the electronically enriched, the electronic media will highlight the GCAP campaign and the role of civil society. There will be rallies across the forty districts of Pakistan. Signatures from people in all walks of life will be collected showing support for GCAP and white balloons with the GCAP logo will be released to fly across the Pakistan skyline.
Contact: Hina Shahid 9242)520-2100 hsfoozy@gmail.com Hamad Malik 9251)226-4689

JAPAN – There is an initiative, currently in Japan, known as the Students’ Hottokenai Caravan. In this initiative, occurring now, students are going around all the islands collecting messages and signatures around poverty. The caravan will significantly reach Tokyo on September 10. On the same date, from midnight, Japan will have a Film Festival on Poverty with three films shown focusing on poverty. With National elections occurring soon in Japan, the Hottokenai group is lobbying with different parties to have poverty on the election agendas.
Contact: Takumo Yamada takumo@oxfam.jp; Kaori Kuroda kaori@csonj.org


COLOMBIA – Bogota, the capital of Colombia, will host a concert on September 10. After the concert, the national coalition Por Una Colombia sin Pobreza, no mas excusas (For a Colombia without Poverty, No more Excuses) which will be working in close collaboration with the Trade Justice campaign, will hand over 20,000 GCAP action cards to congress.
Contact: Alberto Yepes 571)338-2220

PERU – The Global Call to Action against Poverty coalition in Peru will launch a conference from 6 to 11 September entitled “por un Peru sin pobreza nicorrupcion, una economia al servicio de las personas.” In the midst of this conference on the morning of the 8th, buildings in Peru will be wrapped in white bands.
Contact: Luisa Heft luisafsp@millicom.com 511)261-2466 Jaime Carasco osver21@yahoo.com 511)950-0923


AZERBAIJAN – The Eastern European nation of Azerbaijan will hold a concert in the National Park in Baku. As proof that every day is a white band day, five days after GCAP’s official second White Band Day on the 15th, there will be a youth march in Barda and Fizuli on the first day of the academic year. A stunt entailing the ringing of alarm clocks for a minute will be done and there will be a collection of petitions.
Contact: Sunubar Nazarova snazarova@oxfam.org.uk

SLOVAKIA – It will be party time in Slovakia’s old town of Bratislava with a Latino fiesta and concert. However, party or no party, the focus will still be on poverty as the national coalition will distribute postcards and white bands around the podium and in the most frequented streets of Bratislava.
Contact: Ludmila Pastorova office@mvro.sk


NIGER – Highlighting that the Global Call to Action against Poverty (GCAP) is not yet another middle-class initiative to patronise the poor, the poor in Niger will participate in morning rallies in front of the offices of political leaders. This will be followed by a breakfast with the Millennium plus Five delegation and a press conference after the breakfast.
Ali Abdoulaye rosen@intnet.ne 227)752-560

NAMIBIA – In the Namibian capital of Windhoek, White Band Day 2 will be marked with a march through the city centre. The marchers will carry a petition that will be delivered to Namibian officials who will be attending the MDG Summit. Ad what would a White Band Day be without white bands? The Namibians have not forgotten this and there will be white bands draped around the park and in the central business district on this day.
Theo Uvanga 26461)238-002/3

Global Call to Action against Poverty http://www.whiteband.org [GCAP gcap-newsletter] Newsletter No. 12 26 August 2005

So what are we doing?


2 Responses to White Band Day 2 : Activities Across The World

  1. yong ping says:

    set up the local GCAP office lor…lol i really do see you becoming a social activist one day, championing the cause of the oppressed! ok that made me sound so callous…nvm >_

  2. Administrator says:

    If anyone wants the white band, please contact me or you can get it direct from whiteband.org and wear it on the 10 of September!

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