Mee Bandung, inter alia

I was watching Table for 3 just now. Looking at all the delicious food they were eating, I couldn’t help but realise “hey! I’m eating something delicious too!” This was how it looked:

Mee Bandung - DELICIOUS!

It was simply delicious. It was a colourful combination of soft yellow noodles, crunchy tauge/beansprouts and sawi/kailan (I think?), small slices of tender juicy meat and prawns – all soaked in a rich spicy broth, titilating all of your senses. It was a sight to behold, and an aroma that I simply couldn’t resist.

I nearly did not eat it, because my mum initially wanted to make mee goreng (fried noodles – the dried version of mee bandung). But luckily she asked me before she cooked and I managed to persuade her otherwise. It was a purely orgasmic experience! Sigh! Wish I can eat it again.

My mum is a fantastic cook. Only that the trouble is that most of us don’t appreciate the food she cooks. So from this day on, I shall dedicate some of my posts solely on the food that she cooks – a delectable reminder of orgasmic experiences I have lived through and portents of many more to come.


7 Responses to Mee Bandung, inter alia

  1. Muddy says:

    Yum yum yum. Please do post more photos.
    And if you must, add in the recipes as well!


  2. Muddy says:

    And may God repay your good deeds tenfold.

  3. Administrator says:

    Hahahahahaha. This is hilarious! I wish you could have been home to taste it. And your “favourite” lauk asam pedas. (Ha!) And Hari Raya is coming around the corner! More delicious food to come!

  4. ~fatma says:

    yumyum :)maybe you should put the pix of e yucky eclairs beside it..will make ur mom’s mee bandung even better!

  5. Muddy says:

    How in the world can eclairs be yucky?!?!
    Has the sun set in the south?
    Will nice, quiet Singapore ever be attacked by terrorists? (apparently yess…)

    Haha. Man, even asam pedas tastes really good now. I tried cooking curry ikan with SALMON. Don’t try that at home… =S

  6. ~fatma says:

    e eclairs at gelare is really BAD.or maybe just the outlet at tampines mall :s

  7. Administrator says:

    By the way, I just ate this chocolate eclair at four leaf. Its quite good. You should try it! Basement of Tampines Mall!

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