White Band Day II: Wake up to Poverty!

On 10 September, ahead of the UN Summit, people across the world will unite in the second GCAP mobilization – to demand that world leaders Wake-Up to Poverty. Thousands of people will be holding breakfast meetings with politicians, all night vigils, rallies outside state buildings, jamborees, petitions and early morning press calls. World leaders will literally be waking-up to the voices of people demanding action to end poverty before they depart for the UN Summit. These actions will be mirrored in New York on 14 September, the opening day of the Summit, with a stunt including alarm clocks to ‘Wake-up’ the delegates. Millions of people will also be wearing white bands – the symbol of the campaign – to show their solidarity for an end to poverty.

A number of countries have already arranged meetings with their leaders, and others have suggested doing ‘Shadow Reports’ on their government progress toward to the MDGs. Tell us your plans, send us your reports. Email: info@whiteband.org. Also visit http://www.whiteband.org to download materials.

Global Call to Action against Poverty (GCAP) http://www.whiteband.org GCAP gcap-newsletter Newsletter No. 9 19 August 2005


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